How to provide first aid when bitten centipede.

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How to provide first aid when bitten centipede. You must get treatment quickly, risking your life.

The Department of Medical Services, through the Institute of Skin Diseases, warns people who have bitten by centipedes. You should immediately see a doctor for examination and treatment. Because there may risk of infection entering the bloodstream to the point of death. Along with advice on how to treat and behave properly

Get to know centipedes

Dr. Somsak Akkasin, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, provided information that centipedes are classified in the class Chilopoda, an arthropod that is commonly found in tropical areas. live on land Centipedes have a body ufabet length ranging from 3-8 centimeters. The body is flat and has 15-100 segments. Each segment has 1 pair of legs. The head is clearly separated from the body. It has 1 pair of antennae and 1 pair of poisonous fangs, which are modified from segments. The first part of the body is connected to the venom gland. 

Centipede venom

Centipede venom consists of two main groups of substances:

  1. Substances that are enzymes or proteases. The main substances in this group are proteinases and esterases.
  2. Substances that cause inflammatory reactions in the body include hydroxytryptamine or cytolysin.

Symptoms when bitten by a centipede

Dr. Mingkwan Wichaidit, Director of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Services, add: Symptoms. When bitten by a centipede You will find 2 fang marks. Which look like a bleeding spot in the area of ​​the bite. Centipede toxins can cause these symptoms.

  • Inflammation, pain, swelling, redness, heat, and numbness in the bitten area. The pain is usually moderate to severe in intensity.
  • There may be a sharp pain. (paresthesia) also 
  • There may be a complication of bacterial infection at the site of the bite. 
  • May cause burns for 2-3 days. 
  • In some cases, there may be allergic reactions or anxiety, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and headaches. 

First aid method/treatment method When bitten by a centipede

Director of the Institute of Skin Diseases Give additional advice: Treatment of centipede venom can be done by

  1. Clean the wound with clean water or mild soap. 
  2. Use a bandage and apply a cold compress. 
  3. If there is pain Take painkillers. If the pain is severe, a local anesthetic such as Xylocane may injecte into the bitten area. 
  4. The doctor may consider giving antibiotics to kill germs if there are complications with the infection. and inquire about tetanus vaccination history 
  5. In cases with severe symptoms such as severe swelling, severe pain, or a history of severe allergic reactions, they should be admitted to the hospital immediately. 

General prognosis Patients will be able to recover normally. The pain will very painful in the first days. But it usually disappears within 3-4 days.