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How to provide first aid when bitten centipede.

How to provide first aid when bitten centipede. You must get treatment quickly, risking your life. The Department of Medical Services, through the Institute of Skin Diseases, warns people who have bitten by centipedes. You should immediately see a doctor for examination and treatment. Because there may

5 face mask recipes with papaya Helps make the skin smooth.

5 face mask recipes with papaya Helps make the skin smooth. Reduce dark circles Glowing skin. Some girls may have skin problems such as dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone, blemishes, dark skin, large pores, dark spots, and others. Everyone wants to have smooth

“Towels” are a source of germs

Towels are one of the things that harbor germs. But we often overlook and don’t give much importance to cleanliness. Many people tend to clean their homes, shoes, and clothes frequently. But they often forget and don’t pay attention to nearby items such as towels that accumulate a lot

10 good benefits from “pea flowers”

When do you think of food or sweets that are bluish-purple? Many people immediately answer that this beautiful color definitely comes from the “pea flower“ besides giving a beautiful blue color. to be used in cooking, such as our Thai desserts Butterfly pea flowers also have many benefits that you

Flu VS Dengue Fever: What are the different symptoms?

During the dengue fever outbreak, sometimes when the body has a fever We may think it’s just the common cold. Until you realize you have dengue fever, you may already be in the midst of severe symptoms. This can be life-threatening if the symptoms are really severe. Symptoms of the

Is decaf coffee really good for your health?

Normally, everyone is accustomed to drinking coffee that contains caffeine. But in fact, now there is decaf coffee It has already happened. But some people may still have doubts. How is decaffeinated coffee different from coffee that contains caffeine? Is it really good and healthy ? What is decaffeinated coffee? decaffeinated coffee Its