Barcelona tired of extra time, thrashing Inter City 4-3.

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Barcelona had to go to extra time to win Inter City 4-3 (ending 90 minutes, always 3-3) in the Copa del Rey football battle on Wednesday.

At the Estadio Jose Rico Perez is the Copa del Rey game in the last 32 teams between Intercity vs Barcelona.

After only 4 minutes. Azul Grana took the lead 1-0 from the right corner, Pablo Torre splashed into Ronald Araujo’s head. Hitting the ball into the net UFABET.

Do it, the home team from the third league in Spain equalizes 1-1 from the right corner. Vadik Murray hits the brew back for Oriol Soldevila, charging the ball into the net.

But in the 67th minute, Barca took a 2-1 lead.

However, Inter City equalized 2-2 in the 74th minute. Cristo Romero crossed from the left for Oriol Soldevila to come and strike.

But after two minutes, the fragments of the visiting team took a 3-2 lead. Jordi Alba cut the ball deep into the far post, entering Rafinha’s way, charging free and not missing.

It’s really Oriole Soldevila’s day, because in the 86th minute he scored a hat-trick for the team and scored a 3-3 equalizer. Christian Herrera cut the ball from the center of the field and led the counter before flowing for Oriole Sol. Devila shoots without a hitch.

The 90 minutes ended 3-3, leading to extra time.

In the 104th minute, Barca took the lead 4-3, Rafinha slapped from the right for Ansu Fati, the substitute, deflected the defender. The ball flew to change the entrance to the goal.

At the end of the 120-minute game, Barcelona beat Inter City 4-3 in extra time and advanced to the last 16 as expected.

In another pair previously played, Atletico Madrid beat Real Oviedo 2-0 thanks to performances from Marcos Llorente and Pablo Barrios to help the team advance next success.