Interacting with the blackjack Dealer.

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Blackjack is a staple card game that is played in casinos all over the world. While the rules are simple, there are some important aspects of blackjack etiquette for you to be aware of. This begs the question “What is blackjack etiquette? And how can you be sure you are doing the right thing? This guide gives you insight into what the correct action is for the most common situations.

The dealer’s job is to run the game in a smooth, professional manner and the way. UFABET You interact with them is a big part of blackjack etiquette. There are some particularly important points in this part of our blackjack etiquette guide about good behaviour at the table.

  • Use hand signals to let the dealer know your intentions
  • If you want to hit, you just need to make a ‘come here’ type of gesture
  • To stand, you can wave your hand over your cards, with the palm facing down
  • Splitting or doubling down can be signalled by placing the number of chips needed next to the original wager
  • Ask the dealer to clarify the rules if you aren’t sure of your options
  • When you want to give a tip, you need to pass a chip over the table to the dealer and clearly let them know it’s for them

For more information on hand signalling, visit our blackjack rules chapter.