Manchester City must be careful! Kun warns of dangerous

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Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero says Inter Milan are one of the most dangerous attacking teams in Europe.

“Manchester CIty” will face “Python” in the Champions League final. On Saturday,

Five league titles in six seasons represent almost total dominance. But City’s players now have their eyes on sporting immortality by beating Inter Milan in the Champions League showpiece this weekend.

City have already won two Premier League and FA Cup trophies, and they need to beat Inter to complete their treble goal

. Accept that Inter’s offensive line is as dangerous as any team in Europe. Given the quality of such big names as Edin Dzeko, Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku, “

Inter have a great attacking line,” he told  โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“We’re talking about Edin Dzeko, but we’re also talking about Lautaro Martinez, who overcame his post-World Cup physical problems. Come to be the main force of the Italian team and if you add Romelu Lukaku, we can see their danger ′′

Lukaku adds a playing dimension with physical strength. He holds the ball very well. More from being a goalscorer He stands up to open up space for his teammates. In summary, it is They are one of the most dangerous offensive teams in Europe.”