Onana Chil said “Manchester City” put a lot more pressure on him.

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Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onana believes Manchester City are one of the best teams in the world. but this saturday It’s up to them to show that.

They are probably the best team in the world but they have to show this on Saturday,’ said Onana. ‘We’ll be there to defend and represent Inter, to make history. It is not going to be easy but they have to show they are the best.

City are favorites to beat Inter Milan in the Champions League final. which if successful They will make history by winning a major treble (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League) just like Manchester United did in 1999

. of the world But they have to show it on Saturday,” Onana said.

“We will defend and represent Inter. We will try to make history It won’t be easy but they have to show that they are the best team.

“Why can’t I relax? I’m very calm, I don’t pressure at all. We don’t put any pressure on each other.

“We know it’s not going to be easy, but we’re going to fight. They have more pressure than us. Personally, I’m very still.

“This is football. In this life I fear only God and I can’t see him on the pitch. Humans are humans.”