Pep believes the City’s game of drawing with Liverpool is a profit for the viewers.

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Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City confirmed that. The 1-1 draw with Liverpool was a profit for the spectators. And both teams had their moments.

“We started very well. But they are an amazing team. We have our moments. They had their moments. Their way of playing is not easy. We understand that point.” Pep

“The first half we had momentum. There were many chances in the first half. And after we lost the penalty We were in trouble. It’s a good game for the spectators.”

Talking about Kevin De Bruyne’s dissatisfaction with being substituted.UFABET “It’s good to have a chance in the next game to prove it. We need players who can keep the ball. It’s not about pressing. (Mateo) Kovacic did a great job in that regard. We’re pleased with Kevin. It’s OK. We’re OK.”

Talking about the atmosphere “I know how difficult it is at Anfield. It’s difficult at the Etihad too. Liverpool haven’t won there in eight years. We proved that. Both teams are incredible opponents, I would love to win. But they have proven over many years with the quality they have. It was great from everyone.”

On Jurgen Klopp: “We may not have to hug each other to show respect. He protects his club. I protect my club. Our history speaks for itself, we still have 10 games to play, a lot of things can happen.”