‘Phelan’ questions ETH’s plan – suggests the team look back at mistakes

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Former Manchester United assistant manager Mike Phelan has questioned Ten Hag’s plans for the game against Brighton and suggested the Red Devils need to return. Let’s look at our own mistakes first. Manchester United lost at home to Brighton completely on Saturday with a score of 1-3, which caused questions and criticism of the team’s game plan.

Eric Ten Hag, who was installed for the team to enter the field in this game, United is experiencing a shortage of right wingers after Anthony “The Spin” has an assault case and Jadon Sancho “The Adjuster” “Tua” had problems with discipline and was removed from the team, causing Ten Hag to decide to adjust the game plan again. Phelan, who had watched the game have questioned this and suggested that they should go back and look at their mistakes and improve their play. “The game was disjointed,” Phelan told ยูฟ่าเบท.

“They looked as if they were trying to play the way they wanted to. I think there’s a lot of player rotation. Which goes to Brighton’s strengths, especially in the game through the midfield.”

“They set the ball through the midfield. Send the ball off the line. then attack into the final area They managed United’s plans well.”

“United has lessons to go back and learn. They have to go back and take a good look at themselves and see where they can improve. “

Offensively, of course they want to score goals. But the midfield and defense need to be more compact. Many players enter the field in their preferred positions. But then they got stuck. And open up space for the opponent to have a chance.”

“The team is in the process of finding ways and looking for ways to play. Put them on the field, face the opponent, outplay them and the opportunity will come.”