Spurs head coach Antonio Conte praised his players.

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Spurs head coach Antonio Conte praised his players for recovering quickly from defeat in their 4-0 thrashing of Crystal Palace yesterday league table.

‘Golden Spur Chicken’ lost at home to Aston Villa 0-2 at the weekend. Carrying the pressure to visit Selhurst Park yesterday. Who scored 4 goals in the second half and grabbed three points to gain confidence. 

Next up is an FA Cup third-round tie against second-tier side Portsmouth. And hopes the youngsters will build on their confidence and prepare for two tough English Premier League games. That await Arsenal (15 July) and Manchester City (19 Jan.)

Antonio Conte said.

“Today is an important victory. As you know, our competition queue after the FA Cup this Saturday (January 7) will have to duel Arsenal and Manchester City, two teams hunting for the English Premier League title. ‘Spurs play’ UFABET 

“Before getting there, it would be better to keep winning.”

“My intent is for players who are currently injured to recover. Because we’re talking big, hopefully we, 10 days from now before Arsenal, they’re all ready. 

“This is talking about Richarlison, Rodrygo Bentancur, Dejan Kulusevski and Yves Bissouma, who missed last night – the Palace game on Oliver. Skipp and Aunt Matar Sar have shown to be dependable. Personally, I am very happy.”

“We took advantage of the World Cup break, encouraging these young men to improve tactically and physically.”

“At this point is a large deployment group. I made it clear that I would not send our young players anywhere on loan because the English Premier League is really rocky.”  

“Having played the Champions League, having the FA Cup program, having young people on hand is reassuring about the squad to play three competitions.” Antonio Conte

Asian handicap Spurs against Portsmouth two and a half. Total score of three and a half -10